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But if it floats her boat…. Lesbian butt strapon. You would think it would be on her FB at least, along with other social media links. Jessica nigri strip. Maybe I am just a traditionalist when it comes to cosplaying. I guess this is how Nigri uses her patreon funds. Notice how all of the parts are already ready for her to glue together and paint.

Also nowadays she mass buys all her prints so she's less likely to sell out. Also this person https: And some of them are great, the Moxxi was great but I guess because it was accurate. You're my favorite cosplayer… Don't associate with her ugh. Just report the post and move on. Indian nude dance porn. I can't imagine those feel good to lay down in. About larch I am a cucumber in a fruit bowl. She clearly makes shit, weather it's small or the whole thing i don't give a shit.

She must be unable to care for herself outside of their safety net. She needs to chop that shit off or shave it. I'm well aware of her nigri please and creamy Asian shit.

His twitter is riddled with pics of actual celebs and not a single one of an actual client. Do you think she'd hop on his dick if there was even the slightest chance of reciprocation? I need to compare for science. If she the woman posting the 'tellall' works with a company that deals with sponsoring talent, they wouldn't tolerate her behaviour.

Take a look at her Pickachu outfit and ask yourself why are you enjoying looking at it? There is a girl in a red shirt sitting next to the television set. You're not even creating anything just copying shit.

She looks like just a random cave woman. But back to the topic. Third pic that fucking pose. March 29, at 4: I don't have direct inside knowledge…do I just copy pasta everything that was said here and also send the screen shots to the I? No, because YT's policies have literally not changed at all. Tumblr big dicks. There are some amazing Pokemon cosplays out there and yet this is the majority. Grow some balls, play the fucking game, and jerk off to one of the hottest game nerd girls in the world.

I went to the website and typed her name into the search bar, and it didn't pull anything up and said "create a page on jessica nigri" so not sure what happened on my part, but I was wondering if it'd been updated to anything new lately, looks like it has. Her boobs are really her best feature lol. People were all over her swimming pool lube plus bikini video segment so I can see her doing the same.

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Oh and that wifi tattoo. It was hat bad. Naked scenes in orange is the new black. At less JNig's seems a little more candid. Jessica nigri strip. The fact that she can't do mail Monday videos anymore because she gets caught up in lies. Also if others can report her as well. But if they updated their style, I'd be relieved a bit…now they just have to update their intelligence.

And can't she just go one fucking cosplay without trying to look like a prostitute? She does what she does to hide the premature wrinkles, skin damage, and hair damage. Admittedly I sometimes forget to take all of my makeup off before the gym if I'm in a rush but it's only really foundation and maybe a little liner and my brows… Not full hooker face makeup.

Problem is nerds aren't watching movie premieres. She said she'll do a house tour vid at some point. Naked wrestling photos. She clearly makes shit, weather it's small or the whole thing i don't give a shit. We won't ever be able to see it clearly since it will be filtered to shit like all her other nonheavy make-up looks.

It's her whole bag. The argument that Jessica even gives a fuck about showing up on time is fucking stupid in the first place, considering her history. I'd be asking for royalties if I were the surgeon. You don't see Ryan getting shit for jnig helping him which i am almost certain she has done something on his costumes at least once. She is kinda cut but incredibly boring. I don't get why any company would want to sponsor her.

Jess' cosplays look pretty from the front but look on the inside and it looks a mess. Purple, green, or even lighter gold colors would look much better especially in that pic of her in the mermaid colored swimwear. Tranny cums in girls ass. And secondly, if this person works for Jessica or FitTea, they would have lost their job over this and would have posted more proof than some rambling note.

Cosplaying Controversy part trois Suitably Bored. She was probably hoping to rope him in. I just highly doubt he's the one who did it. Grow some balls, play the fucking game, and jerk off to one of the hottest game nerd girls in the world.

Not only is it cringey as fuck, but she is exactly the type of person they make fun of. If they just wanted to see her they could have just gone to the meet and greet or whatever. Now, socialblade stats are never very accurate. I don't get this "Yeah, Ryan does half of her cosplays, so fucking what?? Thats the only thing that I don't like about him, the fact that he is obsessed with big tittied bimbos in general Sage for OT.

There is no problem with what she does, but rather the fact that she does shit that is completely ok, but then resorts to defending herself everytime some butthurt sjw fag attacks her. June 23, at So instead of being a troll and attacking her person, I will rather discuss why I dislike her as a cosplayer.

Yet they hire someone like Jessica and have to have her costume made for her and cant even compare to actual fan made cosplays.

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I wish I could give her skincare and makeup advice. Squats are not the most efective butt exercise and shame on the bros that started that meme.

She turned up in the same half naked cosplay with recycled pattern pieces but with a different paint job. She has uploaded a video everyday this week. June 15, at She doesn't seem like the type of person to think long term and seems to expect things to just go her way.

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