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Port is red The other one's green I forget its name But you know what I mean.

Watch from their Facebook or YouTube with a tablet or phone, and when you turn your screen to the left, you can see what's to the left.

The media footage from the Volvo and Vendee boats was great but you can only see the shot that they choose to show you. Rangiku big tits. It has been brought to my attention that there are now any number of little stocking-stuffer-sized, battery-powered, USB pico-projectors that can equally well project video from laptop or iThing onto the forward bulkhead of the boat, or the fence out by the hot tub.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Keep up the great work! It'd be awesome to have this sort of tech on the vendee, tjv, or even AC yachts. Jammer's beating on Dylan because he may not have the dates of all foreign dignitaries' deaths in the forefront of his brain? To say I was blown away would be an understatement.

I'm genuinely surprised to find out that KTL is generating that kind of money from Paypal - not a very sophisticated or user friendly way - so we're told. Aubrey wilson nude. Dylan is determined to appear much younger, whereas my twenty-something, grammar queen daughter is passing herself of as much older. These people might buy boats - or charter them and help to fill the gap toothed marinas we all use. The quote from Masefield confirms that Dylan only paid limited attention understandableotherwise he would have quoted Ginsberg or Kerouac or even combined the two.

I've got a folder on my desktop with several photos - including this one - and a word doc. I remember eating marmite sandwhiches in a top floor council flat in Holloway while waiting for my mum to come home from work. Naked big black boobs. Also to save vellum or parchment, writers would omit vowels -- or entire words, esp. Posted December 2, The camera allows me to choose where I look. Stop hitting the carriage return.

You are being too kind Alex. Maybe I should start videoing myself shoveling snow, fixing equipment, cutting firewood in the snow. It allows for more expressiveness.

Interesting, for some reason I thought he was a trust fund kid. I'd still love to see the racing yachts use them to get that immersed feeling. Posted January 14, Remember that Patreon have something to sell here too so no point in showing numbers that might not seem as magical - this is very much part of their advertising plan.

An hour would be pretty damn long, and I think people might look at the timestamp bar at the bottom and just click off if they don't have the time to invest. And perhaps gratifying to watch some day when I'm anchored someplace tropical, sipping on a mai tai. Cross channel pollination has been a staple since The Green Hornet guest starred on Batman Kato vs Robin, lulzit's now reached sailing channels Hey, there hasn't been a break in the snow here for more than a month.

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DA-Woody posts in the same way. Ginger banks snapchat. Dylan is determined to appear much younger, whereas my twenty-something, grammar queen daughter is passing herself of as much older.

I used to lust after chuck pain's victoria Hellacious to read at first, after awhile your brain just fills in the gaps. Stop hitting the carriage return. Think the internet fame thing is driving it now. Her kids just might be better off without her Originally Posted by Matt Evans. Aubrey wilson nude. Send a private message to atcfris. Posted November 17, Sign In Sign Up.

Quality is better than quantity, Dylan. They mighrt prefer the bikinis - and nothing at all wrong with that. There's a cadence to them, reminds me of Yeats. Free naked pics of kate upton. I was hoping to get a look at Majuro but all you can see is him rowing.

Lyrical, spiritual and perfect unlike other sailing videos that leave you wondering why they chose such incongruous rubbish! For stylized poetry, e e cummings is the champ. Posted January 15, I also saw Jethro Tull play "Thick as a Brick" live. Originally Posted by Bullboxer. Originally Posted by bluffman2. If you don't, you aren't one of us, and we're not friends. I know I won't race or cruise or otherwise be "out there" below Lat 45S but I'd be keen to ride along in to see how they gybe Idec or peel to A3 on Banc Pop beneath the roaring 40s.

It is my totally uninformed opinion that 30 minutes would be an excellent compromise, but carry on with your experiment. I suspect that this might be due in part to trying to use the brain to operate the camera while also operating the mouth. Tumblr brunette milf. Not sure if this is "upping the game" but maybe fun to play around with. Even though he was a little weird I'm with the French guy.

Video, photography, poetry are tools to tell a story. While many here may not like the "young hottie" video's It will bring people into sailing. She doesn't look like a sailor type.

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I suspect that once you have a following, those loyal viewers know what to expect and won't be put off by long run-times.

With adsense being so fickle a master it's really nice to see some way to montize youtube videos - and it's not all "wenches and winches" that are making money off of it. Posted November 30, They said to him we arent going to make it through, and he went for it anyways. When I was a bartender in college remember when you could pay your way through college?

By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Your work takes on a higher quality of art than the short Youtube vid, even your own. In the past a fiive minute gobbet in a tiny window in a forum post or a youtube screen on laptop is about all you want.

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Looks like Zatara has finally left the dock. Returning to my desk I cannot work. Hey, there hasn't been a break in the snow here for more than a month. Sheer panties tumbler. Originally Posted by 4shore. With colliers and barges, with brigs and with bawleys, And return to this world with the turn of a key, To skulk up the ghost-ridden coast, like a thief.

It is blokes like G who keep my little project going not the people who love a gobbet of video. All my friends know exactly where they were and what they were doing when both Kennedys were shot.

I sent an email back asking if he made a mistake and would like a refund. I think it applies well in this case. Jessie rogers nude pictures That guys vids are justplain dreadful. Aubrey wilson nude. So their actual total lies somewhere between a week and a month. Posted November 24, My wife is in remission after chemo and she loves your videosis an Anglophile and she loves it when I talk piffle so she is used to the English language and all it's nuances. Christina brucato nude. I was watching one of the old combine harvesting films and there is one shot in there that runs for 45 seconds.

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